A lake and a bridge.

MetroWest Fund for the Environment

We believe in building and supporting healthy communities with good schools, safe neighborhoods, strong public services, and most critically, a sound environment.

MetroWest has bountiful natural resources - wetlands, forests, wildlife, lakes, and ponds with a well-developed network of parks, reservations, and hiking trails to open them up to the community. However, these natural resources face the challenges of pollution, invasive species, climate change, and other harmful impacts. Our lakes and ponds are threatened by stormwater runoff, invasive weeds such as milfoil, and declining water quality.

Your donation to the MetroWest Fund for the Environment helps support local groups that are making a difference in our region, whether that is by removing invasive aquatic weeds, maintaining trails, developing community education programs, or engaging in a variety of other projects that help protect and preserve our local environment.

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Environment Grants:

To support the Conservation and Drought Preparedness project, including analysis of 2016 outdoor watering restrictions in the Charles River Watershed; advocacy for adoption of an improved drought management plan; and dissemination of information

To support the work of Shaping the Future of Your Community program in partnership with Hudson and other MetroWest communities to conduct education programs and technical assistance

To support efforts to reform state policies and practices that will preserve our streams and water supplies during times of water scarcity

To build public support for investment in green infrastructure that will create a more resilient local landscape

To support the Gray Water Initiative which seeks to demonstrate and highlight gray water systems as a component of drought management in Massachusetts