Youth in Philanthropy students from Nashoba Brooks School present their grant decisions to Foundation staff, teachers and their peers.

Youth in Philanthropy

The Foundation for MetroWest is committed to educating our children about the importance of philanthropy and providing them with the tools to continue this tradition.


"I had two sons in Youth in Philanthropy and both loved the program. My younger son did the program with no friends, and it was a great opportunity for him to re-invent himself and develop a new sense of confidence and new leadership skills."
-Youth in Philanthropy Student's Parent

"I've developed a deeper understanding of philanthropy and the needs of people in my community. There are more nonprofits here than I ever would have guessed."
-Youth in Philanthropy Participant

"Aside from grantmaking, evaluating, and coming to understand how nonprofits operate, I've learned the most about working with others in a professional environment."
-Youth in Philanthropy Participant

Video Testimonials

Hear about the program from a Youth in Philanthropy alumna:

Hear about the program from a Youth in Philanthropy parent:




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Part Three- Under this Program, Students Administer Grants 

Email our Senior Program Officer, Caroline Murphy, to learn more about the Youth in Philanthropy program.