Natick Program Presents Check
 Students from the Natick program present a grant check to HMEA.

Community Impact

Since inception, over 1,250 students have participated in the Youth in Philanthropy program who have awarded over $1,100,000 to local youth-serving nonprofits.

The Youth in Philanthropy impact begins at the student level. Students learn and gain a better understanding of philanthropy. They research local organizations - becoming aware of community needs and performing site visits. As a group, they evaluate and discuss their experiences. Then select and award the Foundation's youth development grants.

Nonprofits Include:

  • A Place To Turn 
  • Doc Wayne Youth Services
  • Friends of Resiliency for Life
  • Hope and Comfort
  • Open Table
  • Plugged In Teen Band Program
  • More than Words
  • Rediscovery at JRI
  • Waltham Fields Community Farm
  • Waypoint Adventures
  • Wildflower Camp Foundation

Types of Initiatives Funded:

  • Helping families afford preschool education
  • Providing recreation for children in homeless shelters
  • Teen dating violence prevention programs
  • Providing canine assistance for the deaf or disabled
  • Empowerment series aimed at preventing depression, bullying and teen suicide
  • Securing an autism specialist for an after-school program

The impact of the Youth in Philanthropy goes beyond the student experience and the nonprofits that receive grants for essential youth development programs in our region. The parents, teachers and peers of YIP students are exposed to the philanthropic process, which in turn inspires them to get involved through monetary support or future participation in the program. Some schools start volunteer programs with nonprofits outside of the program.

Read about the Youth in Philanthropy program in the news, and listen to video testimonials. Contact Caroline Murphy, Senior Program Officer, to discover ways you can get involved.