Artwork by Anne Bell Robb, noted painter of “Americana” and long-time Sherborn resident

Supported Projects

The Sherborn Fund has undertaken small projects and, in partnership with other town organizations and groups, contributed to larger ones including:

  • Sherborn Grange Fairs in 1999, 2002, 2011, 2018
  • Long-Range Land Use Plan for Barber Reservation
  • Restoration of the Barber Reservation Barn on Western Avenue
  • Renovation of the Children’s Playground at the Ward J. Parks Reservation
  • Cornerstone Forums
  • Restoration of the Reverend Edmund Dowse Plaque
  • Restoration of the Memory Statue in the Central Cemetery, at the 16/27 Intersection
  • Repair of the Handicap Ramp at the Sherborn1858 Town House/Community Center
  • New Signage and Repairs at the David Doering Nature Trail at the Pine Hill School