Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund

In partnership with the Medfield Foundation, Inc. (MFi) we have established the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund. MFi, as its own 501(c)(3), already has a history of philanthropy and fundraising in the community. Founded in 2001 as a community foundation, MFi has worked with many organizations and individuals in Medfield to raise over $2.2 million dollars that has been directed back into the town. Now, the goal is to create a permanent endowment with the Foundation for MetroWest that can be utilized to support community-driven projects in Medfield, ensure a strong and vibrant community and be responsive to diverse needs and voices into the future. Learn more about our 2018 Grantees.

The Community Board for the Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund is comprised of board members of the Medfield Foundation and other residents:

Todd Trehubenko, Co-chair 
Chris Cahill, Co-chair
Evan Weisenfeld 
Abby Marble 
Osler (Pete) Peterson 

The Board of the Medfield Foundation: 

Evan Weisenfeld, President
Abby Marble, Treasurer 
Leanne LaBelle, Clerk
John Byrne
Dorrian Cohen Fragola 
Osler (Pete) Peterson 
Todd Trehubenko 
Bonnie Wren-Burgess
Betsy Marble
Linda D’Amore


The Bonfatti Family
Kathleen & Chris Cahill
Mary Ann & Brian
Helen & Paul Dewey
Leanne & Michael LaBelle
Larsen Foundation
Connie & Mike Lueders
Abby & Jeff Marble
Emily & Michael Marcucci
Robert & Barbara Macleod
Chris O’Callahan
Deborah Bero & Osler Peterson
Marianne & Stephen Phillips
Beth & Chris Rumul
Megan & Raymond Sullivan
Georgianna Oliver & Todd Trehubenko
The Weisenfeld Family
Bonnie Wren-Burgess, Ashford & Isobel Burgess

Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund FAQ’s


The fund has been established as an endowed Fund at the Foundation for MetroWest in order to provide a permanent resource for grant-making in Medfield. The MFi Board periodically accepts proposals through an open grant application process. The Fund welcomes applications from private and public organizations with ideas for innovative programs and projects to benefit Medfield residents. All applications are reviewed fairly and competitively by the Legacy Fund Community Board.

As an endowed fund, the principal remains as a permanent asset for Medfield’s benefit into the future. Each year, spending is limited to a fixed percentage of the fund, leaving the rest to continue to build for years to come. Distributions keep pace with new and emerging needs, and will be targeted to address social, cultural, environmental and educational issues confronting the Town and its residents. The endowment is professionally invested by the Foundation for MetroWest.

As we build the new fund, we will continue to seek to understand current challenges in Medfield as well as trends towards the future.  Some ways that we envision today that the MFi Legacy Fund can support the community for the future include but are not limited to:

Keeping youth engaged within the community 
Ensuring that senior citizens remain active in town life 
Fostering a strong sense of community among all residents
Extending the rich cultural offerings of our town to every resident
Encouraging generosity, tolerance and an appreciation of diversity
Preserving and enhancing our natural resources
Maintaining the character of the community 
Improving access to needed resources and services
Anticipating and addressing unforeseen major issues facing our town in the future

You may donate by check, credit card, stock, mutual fund or real estate gift, or through a donor-advised fund or private foundation. The Foundation for MetroWest staff can work with you and your financial advisor to review various planned giving options. Gifts may qualify for charitable donation tax benefits. Consult your tax advisor.