English at Large received a 2014 grant to expand their programs in Lexington

Friends of Lexington Bikeways

The Friends of Lexington Bikeways promotes and supports biking and the shared use of bicycle routes in and around Lexington, MA.

This grant will support a tri-town community celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway that will feature events in Lexington, Arlington and Bedford, and along the bikeway. 
Lexington Chamber Music Center

Lexington Chamber Music Center promotes the study of classical chamber music to help students become more accomplished musicians and find fulfillment in their musical lives.

This grant will support The Front Porch Project, aimed to explore intentionally slowing down and creating purposeful, organic community concerts on neighborhood front porches.
Lexington Historical Society

Lexington Historical Society is passionate about preserving Lexington’s history and sharing it with the public.

This grant will support a season-long celebration commemorating the centennial anniversary of the ending of WWI. The celebration will include lectures, exhibits, programs, and a panel discussion.
Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc. (SNAP) 

Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc. provides people with disabilities opportunities that celebrate each person’s unique abilities while cultivating creative expression, building peer relationships, and fostering self-esteem through life-enhancing activities in the arts. 

This grant is enabling SNAP to launch a pilot ceramics program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Town of Lexington

The Town of Lexington is celebrated as the site of the first shots of the American Revolutionary War, and is now a vibrant community that is home to more than 31,000 individuals.

This grant will support the purchase tablets that are outfitted with a translation application to improve communication between town staff and Lexington residents and visitors whose first language is not English.

William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps, Inc. 

The William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps is designed to promote the study of both music and history among young people, particularly the traditions of fife and drum music.

As part of the Corp’s first capital campaign, this grant will support the purchase of five new authentic-quality fifes and three hand-sewn uniforms, benefitting multiple generations of Lexington’s youth.


Friends of Minute Man National Park

The Friends of Minute Man National Park is an independent nonprofit organization supporting the Park’s mission through advocacy, education, fundraising, and volunteerism.

This grant will support the construction of the Parker’s Revenge Battle Site Trail Loop Project, a 1500-foot educational trail loop that will protect the area’s archaeological and ecological sensitivity.

Lexington Recreation and Community Programs Department

The Lexington Recreation and Community Programs Department strives to provide affordable, quality programs meeting the needs of the community. The Department promotes participation by all Lexington residents in safe, accessible, and well-maintained facilities.

This grant will support two CPR/First Aid/AED certification courses for Lexington residents, including one train-the-trainer course. This program will ultimately provide a safer community environment.

Lexington Youth and Family Services (LYFS)

LYFS’ mission is to promote healthy social and emotional development among Lexington youth and families by providing advocacy, prevention, and intervention services to keep youth safe.

This grant will help implement “Balancing on the Hyphen”, a six-part multicultural community education initiative designed to address generational and cultural divide issues. This program will be done in concert with The Korean Organization of Lexington (KoLex) and a Multicultural Sponsoring Board.

Munroe Center for the Arts (MCA)

The mission of the MCA is to further the cultural and artistic education of the residents of Lexington.

This grant will support the MCA’s The Refugee Diaspora project, an artistic collaboration intended to educate Lexington residents about the refugee experience. Through the arts and this program, the MCA hopes to promote local engagement.

Neighbor Brigade

Neighbor Brigade establishes community-specific networks of volunteers that can be mobilized to help residents facing sudden crisis manage day-to-day tasks such as meal preparation, rides, and basic household chores.

This grant will support volunteer growth and diversification in Neighbor Brigade’s Lexington chapter. By increasing volunteer engagement and diversity of volunteers in the areas of age, gender and ethnicity, the organization will better meet the needs of Lexington’s growing and diverse population, including all residents whom are facing temporary crises.

Supportive Living, Inc (SLI)

The mission of SLI is to raise the quality of life for survivors of brain injury. To achieve this mission, SLI develops appropriate and affordable supportive housing; provides life-long physical, cognitive and social fitness through wellness programs; and fosters research aimed at improving the lives of people with brain injury.

This grant will support the SLI Total Health Summer Camp in bringing together disabled and nondisabled Lexington residents in wellness programs.

The Children's Room

The Children’s Room creates safe, supportive communities so that no child, teen, or family has to grieve alone.

This grant will support the operations of a school-based peer support group for grieving teens on site at Lexington High School.

Lexington Community Farm Coalition (LexFarm)

Lexington Community Farm is a working farm that connects the community to local food and sustainable practices while preserving historic farmland. Using sustainable land management techniques that protect the farm's open space on town-owned conservation land, LexFarm grows and distributes vegetables through community-supported agriculture (CSA) and at its farm stand. Residents of all ages and abilities are invited to engage with the farm and the environment through hands-on education programs and volunteer opportunities. In addition, LexFarm accepts SNAP/EBT at the farm stand and donates approximately 10% of produce grown to families in need. 

This grant will enable LexFarm to move to the next level in its organizational growth, providing consulting services for board development, an analytics dashboard and a business plan for long-term planning across the different program areas. 

Lex Eat Together

Lex Eat Together recognizes that hunger and social isolation exist within Lexington and the surrounding communities. Their purpose is to offer a welcoming environment without question for anyone who comes to a weekly dinner. By providing a free, nutritious meal on a weekly basis to all who attend, in a manner and setting that recognizes and honors the dignity of every individual, Lex Eat Together can address the hunger in our midst and provide an equally important component of community: reducing isolation. 

This grant will help Lex Eat Together pilot a transportation program for greater and broader access to their weekly dinners by those who do not have access to needed transportation. 

Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition (LexGWAC)

LexGWAC's mission is to education and raise awareness of climate change and its impacts. They promote actions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and safeguard the health of the planet for future generations. They accomplish their mission through a speaker series, a movie series and by working with Lexington town government to pass warrant articles to help Lexington address climate change. 

This grant will enable LexGWAC to run a large scale "Sustainability Fair" coordinating initiatives by and for Lexington town government, businesses and residents and highlighting health, energy, resilience, and sustainability in the face of climate change. 

Lexington Office of Public Health

Under the direction of the Lexington Board of Health, the mission of the Lexington Office of Public Health is to prevent disease and promote wellness in order to protect and improve the health and quality of life of its residents, visitors and workfoce. 

This grant will enable the Lexington Health Department to do a quantitative tick survey in order to assess the risks to our community and provide an educational public health program for residents about tick-borne diseases. 

Communities for Restorative Justice 

Communities for Restorative Justice is a community-police partnership program. Their mission is to provide communities with a complement to the traditional judicial system, wherein: (1) victims of crime can interact in a safe environment with those who have harmed them in a safe environment; (2) offenders can better understand the impact of their actions; and (3) the community connections are strengthened. 

This grant is enabling C4RJ staff to train additional Lexington police officers, raise community awareness of restorative justice and its benefits, and recruit and train local volunteers--resulting in a stronger, healthier community. 

Domestic Violence Services Network (DVSN)

Domestic Violence Services Network provides direct and ancillary support services to domestic violence victims across MetroWest. . FACT #1: 1 in 3 women will experience domestic violence or sexual assault in her lifetime. FACT #2: 1 in 5 high school students reports being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner. 

This grant is allowing the organizations, in partnership with the Lexington Police Department, to provide four Realistic Escape Strategies & Instinct-based Self-defense Training courses as Lexington High School. 

Lexington Symphony Orchestra

Lexington Symphony is a professional orchestra of musicians who share a passion for classical music, a commitment to community engagement, and a dedication to exacting standards of performance, offering six concerts a year. The Symphony also reaches thousands of area youth through the Orchestrating Kids Through Classics program. 

This grant is providing funding for the MovieMusic program, including a day of artistic family activities and an evening full-length concert featuring classic movie music. 

Lexington Tourism Committee- Antony Park

Antony Park commemorates the relationship with Lexington's sister city, Antony, France. The park's design is based on historical French formal gardens and will be located in the seldom-used area of Tower Park. This outdoor space will be preserved and beautified for a place to revitalize, enjoy community events and performances or simply meet for a picnic or bagged lunch. 

This grant will assist LTC in completing the park's construction, primarily the beautiful and anchoring stonework. 

Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc. (SNAP)

For over 30 years, SNAP has worked to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities through direct involvement in the arts, resulting in a connected and warm community of artists, staff and volunteers. 

This grant is enabling the expansion of the SNAP program and providing resources to enroll more students who are on the waiting list. 

Advocates, Inc. 

Advocates' mission is to help people achieve their hopes and dreams within the fabric of their communities. Advocates offers human services and health care alternatives including residential support for adults with disabilities, family supports, outpatient mental health and addiction services, psychiatric emergency services, and community justice services. The organization's primary role in Lexington is focused on programming for adult survivors of brain injury. Advocates and Support Living, Inc. are partners in providing appropriate housing and care for residents of Lexington's Douglas House, adults with brain injuries. 

This grant allowed Advocates to purchase an adaptive bicycle to be housed at Douglas House, for ongoing use with the goal of improving physical fitness and promoting wellness among adults with brain injury. 

English at Large

English at Large provides individual and small group instruction through a volunteer network to adult immigrants and other newcomers who want to acquire English language skills as they adapt to life in the United States. 

This grant supported the expansion of the organization's programs in Lexington. 

Lexington Friends of the Arts' Munroe Saturday Nights

Munroe Saturday Nights is Lexington's only free performing and visual arts series. These monthly programs are open to the public for only a voluntary donation, and support and cultivate area artists. This season's performances have included evenings of Chinese Music and Drama and dance fusion merging tap and traditional Indian dance. 

This grant supported "Break the Silence," a program highlighting the problem and risks of relationship violence as it impacts teens and young adults. The grant also provided more access to programming for underserved populations in Lexington. 

Lexington Youth and Family Services

Lexington Youth and Family Services (LYFS) promotes healthy social and emotional development among Lexington youth and families by providing advocacy, prevention and intervention services to keep youth safe and enhance family functioning. LYFS provides barrier-free counseling to adolescents who might not otherwise access mental health support for depression, suicidal thoughts, and self-destructive behavior. 

This grant supported board training and strategic planning.