Spring Inspiration Breakfast Co-Chairs of the 2019 Spring Inspiration Breakfast, Katie Schuster and Christine Schuster

We sat down with the mother and daughter pair to find out what inspires them, and why they chose to Co-Chair the 2019 Spring Inspiration Breakfast together. 

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. 

Chris: For the past 21 years, I have served as a President & CEO in our community. I have done so at my community hospital, Emerson Hospital in Concord, for the last 14 years. As an RN with an MBA, I have the honor of providing health care services to over 26 communities throughout the western suburbs. Working in community health care, I understand the importance of supporting organizations that help others but may be underfunded. I am passionate about helping others by donating my time as well as raising money for worthy causes.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, work in my garden, walk our Labrador Retriever, and play golf.

Katie: I am 15 years old and a sophomore honors student at Nobles & Greenough School. I live in Sudbury with my parents, three cats, and one dog. My sister is away at college but I try to see her as much as I can because I miss her a lot. To stay connected, we Facetime almost every day.

I am involved in several different activities that have great meaning to me. I am an avid competitive squash player, so I play squash throughout the year. For the last two years, I have been on the Nobles Girls Varsity Team. We just won the Independent School League title for the eighth year in a row! My passion for playing squash led me to get involved in fundraising for SquashBusters, a youth-based development program that combines squash with academic support and community service. I also run cross country to stay in shape and keep my head clear.

Because I am interested in possibly pursuing a career in health care, for the past couple of years I have volunteered at Emerson Hospital. I like working with volunteers of all ages to help make the patient experience better. I do everything from transporting patients and lab specimens, delivering flowers, escorting patients to their appointments, and working on special projects, like cataloging the videos for the pediatric unit.

I am also involved in several other activities at school. I am a tutor with the ACHIEVE Program, which provides educational opportunities for inner city middle school students. It is wonderful to watch the students grow and excel in their academic studies throughout the year. I am also active in the Environmental Action Committee and Campuses Against Cancer. I lost both of my grandfathers to cancer so I am committed to help raise funds to find a cure for this devastating disease.

In my free time, I love to listen to all kinds of music, take amazing photographs, and cook! I enjoy creating new recipes and trying them out on others. Stay tuned—I am currently working on a cookbook of my best recipes, complete with photos.

How did you get involved with the Foundation for MetroWest.

Katie: In middle school, I was involved in the Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) Program for three years. I was passionate and curious about strengthening my community through philanthropy. I enjoyed the structured process of reviewing grants, visiting different community agencies, and evaluating each application. I saw the power of both individual and collective financial support for small organizations with meaningful missions. It was great for me to see the big impact we can have so close to home. I am now a member of the YIP Junior Board. 

Chris: I saw how passionate Katie was while doing YIP in Middle School. Serving on the YIP Junior Board allowed her to continue her work in the community. She is looking forward to working with the outstanding staff at the Foundation for MetroWest when she volunteers this Spring. As I watched her get excited about the Foundation, I got excited about getting involved in the organization. Chairing the breakfast together brings together our joint passion for helping the community.

Why did you decide to chair the Spring Inspiration Breakfast?

Chris: Chairing the Spring Inspiration Breakfast is a wonderful opportunity for Katie and me to do something together to support our community. We believe in the mission of the Foundation for MetroWest and what better way to demonstrate our commitment than to spend time taking a lead role in supporting this event.

Katie: As part of the YIP Junior Board, I believe it is important for me to take on a leadership role. I like serving on the Board, and co-chairing the Spring Inspiration Breakfast with my mom allows me to do more to support the mission of the Foundation for MetroWest. It gives me an opportunity to demonstrate my leadership and my passion for making my community better.

What inspires you?

Katie:  My family and my friends always inspire me to be the best I can be. They pick me up when I fall and pat me on the back when I deserve it. They encourage me to be the best I can be! When I do that, it is easy for me to try to inspire others through all of my activities. 

I love working with people who share my passion for giving back. You know—great people who contribute to their communities. Enthusiasm is a force multiplier and together we can truly make a difference! That is why I love working on the YIP Board. I am looking forward to getting even more involved in the Foundation for MetroWest when I volunteer there this Spring. I will have dedicated time to support the Foundation and give back to my community.

Chris: I am inspired by working with a team of people all dedicated to a common cause. We inspire each other to make change and make a difference in the world. I love putting a team together and learning from our failures and celebrating our successes!

The Foundation for MetroWest is a game changer in the communities it serves. Many people think they have to donate to large, national organizations. I believe in the mission to improve the quality of life for all of our residents. Our gifts go to where they do the most good in our local community. Sometimes you don’t need to look much further than your own backyard to make a difference.

Tickets for the Spring Inspiration Breakfast go on sale mid-March. Sponsorship opportunities are currently available. Please visit our Sponsorship Page for more information.