Photo: NAMI MetroWest’s first class held at St. Stephen Church in Framingham.

Mental Health Education Program for Hispanic Families in Framingham

With a Framingham Hispanic population of 11,000, over 2,000 Framingham Hispanics will experience a new episode of mental illness each year. When mental illness affects one family member, it has a negative impact on all family members. Culturally and economically, many MetroWest Hispanic families are not in a position to access or seek mental health service.

With a grant from the Foundation of MetroWest, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) MetroWest has been collaborating with area Hispanic organizations and NAMI Latino to conduct a family education program for local Hispanic families dealing with mental illness.

President of NAMI Latino Norma Mora stated, “While Latino communities show similar susceptibility to mental illness as the general population, unfortunately, we experience disparities in access to treatment and in the quality of treatment we receive. This inequality puts us at a higher risk for more severe and persistent forms of mental health conditions. Our NAMI Spanish education program familia de familia  (family-to-family) seeks to educate family caregivers on how mental illness is diagnosed, treatments, and local resources. Our goal is to increase family member’s ability to cope with severe mental health conditions and to increase a family’s ability to access better mental health services.”

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