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There are a variety of opportunities for people interested in getting involved with the work of the Foundation for MetroWest. Below are some of the employment and volunteering opportunities currently available; interested individuals should email us.

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Foundation for MetroWest is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage applications from people with diverse backgrounds and experience.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Foundation for MetroWest team. 

We often have openings for college level internships as well as high school internships.

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Youth in Philanthropy Junior Board

Launching Fall 2017

The YIP Junior Board offers past participants of the Youth in Philanthropy program, their friends and peers, opportunities to engage in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, while igniting unique leadership opportunities within their communities. The program supports young people as they look to gain a deeper understanding of the underserved youth population in the MetroWest region, and how they can individually and collaboratively help shape the future of this population.

The idea of a YIP Junior Board grew from the desire of YIP participants to stay connected to the world of philanthropy beyond the core YIP program. There are many meaningful and tangible benefits for students who want to join the YIP Junior Board. We like to call it the next level of youth philanthropy leadership!

Through committing to join the YIP Junior Board, members will have the opportunity to not only create change in their community, but be exposed to professional development seminars, non-profit board shadowing opportunities, and much more throughout the year.

The Foundation for MetroWest Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) Junior Board is scheduled to launch fall 2017 and will hold its first committee meeting in September.


The Board

The Youth in Philanthropy Junior Board is seeking a maximum of 20 motivated members who are willing to promote, raise awareness, and fundraise for the Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy program. Members should have a strong desire to see the program grow so that it can have an even greater impact throughout the MetroWest region.

Board Leadership

The board will have five (5) leadership positions and two (2) sub-committees:
Leadership Positions

  • Oversee the YIP Junior Board chairs and committees
  • Facilitate all meetings
  • Ensure committee leaders are on track with goals
  • Sets agenda for each meeting
  • Primary liaison between Board and non-profit organizations
  • Oversee and distribute all meeting minutes
  • Manage information sent out among board members


  • Oversee and approve all fundraising initiatives
  • Work with all members to organize fundraising events, assign responsibilities, and keeps track of committee member assignments as they relate to fundraising goals

Sub-Committee: Fundraising

  • Creatively determine fundraising strategy for YIP Junior Board
  • Work to ensure fundraising events and initiatives are carried out among all board members; ensures fundraising success to meet YIP Board goals

Public Relations/Social Media

  • Oversee promotion of the YIP program throughout MetroWest; includes speaking engagements within MetroWest region
  • Assist Foundation in managing social media handles, calendar, and ambassadors as it relates to YIP promotion
  • Acts as primary liaison between YIP social media ambassadors and Alumni Board

Sub-Committee: Public Relations/Social Media

  • Creatively determine ways to promote YIP within the region and beyond through print, electronic, and social media
  •  Assist fundraising committee in promotion of fundraising events and initiatives


The board will be comprised of no more than 20 YIP alumni, friends, and peers. Board members must commit to the following:

  • Serve a minimum of a one (1) year term; with option to renew
  • Attend four (4) in person meetings, per year; committee meetings as assigned
  • Attend YIP Junior Board fundraising events as assigned
  • Attend one (1) community service event, hosted by YIP Junior Board
  • Fundraise for designated non-profit or board event
  • Serve as an enthusiastic ambassador and recruiter for YIP

Serving on the Youth in Philanthropy Junior Board during this crucial time of growth for the program is an excellent opportunity to deepen your leadership skills, engage with other civically-minded young people, partner with youth-focused non-profits in the MetroWest region, and help promote the importance of youth philanthropy education and giving back in your local community.

If you have questions or would like to further discuss this opportunity, please contact Renee Quinn, Senior Philanthropy Officer or 508.647.2260.

The work of the Foundation is dependent upon active committee members. In addition to our Board of Trustees, permanent committees are also staffed by volunteers. These individuals donate their time, energy, and expertise on the following committees: Audit, Development & Marketing, Distribution, Executive, Finance, Government, and Investment. Ad hoc committees are often created to handle specific events. We welcome those with specific expertise or interest to inquire about participation.

There are no volunteer positions available at this time. Check back soon!

High school students are invited to volunteer at our office for a variety of administrative tasks. Volunteers must be willing to commit to regular hours at least once per week. In addition to general office work for the Foundation as a whole, there are opportunities to assist the Youth in Philanthropy program. Activities may include curriculum research, alumni outreach, creating and compiling surveys, and general program-related tasks.

The Foundation for MetroWest is currently seeking Instructor's Assistants for our spring Youth in Philanthropy programs in Needham, Wellesley, Weston, and Sudbury. As a YIP Instructor’s Assistant you would be responsible for assisting the YIP Instructor with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Organizing and disseminating any materials and supplies to students
  • Supporting YIP students during activities and group work
  • Recording and gathering any class information
  • Helping to keep the class on task and engaged
  • Helping to keep class space clean and organized
  • Facilitating positive group discussions when necessary
  • Being an overall positive role model to YIP students
  • Other duties as assigned by the YIP Instructor

Candidates are required to have participated in a semester-long YIP program with the Foundation for MetroWest. Experience in a YIP leadership role is preferred, but not required. Candidates should be:

  • Knowledgeable of and passionate about the YIP program and the MetroWest community
  • Interested in working with and able to relate to other high school students
  • Available to attend all classes
  • Flexible
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Energetic and ready to have fun
  • Able to communicate well with peers and adults

Our spring programs run from January to May 2019. Program details are below:

  • YIP Needham - meets Sundays from 5:00 - 6:30pm at the Needham History Center and Museum
  • YIP Wellesley - meets Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30pm at the Wellesley Police Department
  • YIP Weston - meets Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30pm at Weston Public Library
  • YIP Sudbury - meets Tuesdays from 7:00 - 8:30pm at The Grange Hall

If this sounds like the right volunteer opportunity for you, please send your resume, a brief one page write up sharing why you think you’d be a strong YIP Instructor’s Assistant, and which program you would like to Intern to Julie Williams at jwilliams@foundationformetrowest.org.   

The deadline for Instructor's Assistant applications is December 7, 2018