Arts & Culture Grants

Funds will support a new Theatre Manager position responsible for the organization's operations and directly impact an increase in the number of productions Arlekin provides to the community.

Funds will support campaign planning to build an Art Center at the former Medfield State Hospital.

Funds will support the expansion of their innovative educational model through new installations in the Process Gallery and The Lab, as well as enabling research and design for a new accessible outdoor learning space called The Grove. 

Funds will support the new Cultural Projects Manager position that will oversee more than 50 cultural events hosted by Downtown Framingham, Inc. while also promoting weekly events within the area's nearly 15 arts and entertainment venues. 

Funds will support workshops to older adults to teach watercolor painting while creating their own still life setups from treasured personal objects and collection at Gore Place. 

Funds will support efforts to implement a new integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to allow staff to more efficiently manage content and programs, identify and steward new donors, and market programming to new audiences. 

Funds will support four free performances of its Classic Repertory Company productions to venues in MetroWest communities to perform largely for underserved youth, but will also impact seniors and the general public. 

Funds will support the consolidation of systems to a single cloud-based relational database to track registrations, ticket sales, scheduling, memberships, and donors.

Funds will support the establishment of a series of community facing programs especially designed for local families and also to create a teen council that learns about art and artists on view and assists in building new links to other peers around the community. 

Funds will support ArtWeek in the MetroWest region, an award-winning, ten-day spring arts festival featuring unique, affordable and creative experiences in all artistic genres that are participatory, interactive, or offer behind-the-scenes access to artists or the creative process. 

Environment Grants

Funds will support work with the City of Framingham and other partners to showcase effective regulations and on-the-ground Low Impact Development projects.

Funds will support research of state-delegated US NPDES programs that identify best regulatory practices and pitfalls to avoid.

Funds will support the creation of a Hardy Pond Watershed map.

Family Support

Funds will support seniors with consistent mental health counseling in the community who are struggling with anxiety, loneliness, depression and other mental health issues. 

Funds will support learning opportunities that help resident families move toward an independent, successful future with offerings that respond to their needs in five program areas including: Adult education & career counseling; Parenting; Life Enrichment and Advancement Programs; and Community and Youth Programs. 

Funds will support their expansion to Sudbury to provide financial literacy programming for 10-12 women while engaging 15-20 volunteer Coaches and Presenters. 

Funds will support a pilot gray water installation in different households and businesses, inculding low-income housing units in Framingham and Westborough. 

Funds will support their Cooking Up A Career culinary training program for unemployed and/or underemployed young adults with disabilities in the MetroWest area. 

Funds will support the free and accessible services provided by English At Large in MetroWest, including One-to-One Tutoring, Conversation Groups, the Career Access Lab and Beginner English Classes in Waltham.

Funds will support the free and accessible services provided by English At Large in MetroWest, including One-to-One Tutoring, Conversation Groups, the Career Access Lab and Beginner English Classes in Waltham.

Funds will support their Educational Assistance programs and help with the expansion of their storage facility. 

Funds will support the Critical Home Repair (CHR) program which enables families and individuals to affordably and safely address safety and code issues allowing them to stay in their own homes.

Funds will support a new Parenting While Grieving Workshop series to educate parents on the impact of grief on their children, and give them strategies to employ while waiting to join our groups. 

Funds will support their Reducing Achievement Gaps/Family Assistance program, a comprehensive system of interventions to address the academic, social, and basic assistance needs of low-income children of immigrant families in Framingham with a focus on improving academic achievement.

Funds will support the expansion of their staff to include a new assistant providing overall office support and database management. 

Funds will support the expansion of the Financial Fitness Center into additional MetroWest towns, enabling adults and families to improve their financial self-sufficiency.

Funds will support its Framingham-based Immigrant Integration Services Program to meet the needs of the Portuguese-speaking communities of MetroWest.

Funds will support general operating needs to support the salary and benefits of attorneys providing direct legal services to low-income, elderly and disabled clients in civil legal matters.

Funds will support the Credential to Career Coaching program for homeless and low-income families in MetroWest to access reliable information and resources to identify and enter careers that can increase income and allow them to build assets.

Funds will support the continuation and expansion of their citizenship services in the MetroWest region, including two MetroWest based citizenship workshops in 2019 that will serve an estimated 200 MetroWest immigrants.

Funds will support the general operating needs of REACH as they expand their Community Based Advocacy program with a newly expanded office space. 

Funds will support their organizational capacity with an additional staff person to maintain and expand sustainable funding for our specialized recovery services provided to women survivors of exploitation, trafficking, and prostitution.

Funds will support Voices Against Violence, a survivor-centered, trauma-informed service serving more than 500 individual survivors of sexual and domestic violence (SDV) in the region.

Funds will support the Executive Director's salary to strengthen their organizational resiliency and increase their impact during a time of growth.

Funds will support a parent/caregiver support group focused on providing mutual support, sharing valuable information and resources, teaching advocacy skills for parents, and providing onsite babysitting so that all families will have the opportunity to participate.

Funds will support their ability to provide stipends to clients to cover the cost of additional supports to aging parents (aged 60+) of adult children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). 

Funds will support general operating needs of WATCH CDC, an organization promoting affordable housing, providing adult education and empowering underrepresented residents.