My Summer at the Foundation for MetroWest

By Jordan Ramsay, rising senior at Framingham High School

After I completed the Summer Institute for Youth Leadership (SIYL) in 2015, I knew I wanted to learn even more about philanthropy. An internship at Foundation for MetroWest was calling my name. I applied because I fell in love with the spirit of the Foundation. Everything from the logo, to the mission, to the staff, I knew this was where I wanted to spend my summer. Initially, I was shocked to find out that I can make a world of difference in my own backyard (which is the mantra of the Foundation.) My summer at the office came with incredible successes, memorable learning moments, and exciting challenges that have shaped my immersion into philanthropy since June. 

If I had to pick a favorite experience, I would definitely choose assisting at the SIYL. Teaching my peers about philanthropy was priceless, especially in an environment where I had been so inspired last summer. I saw nonprofit education in action from a different lens, and the smiles on students' faces were unforgettable. It is truly something special and commendable that the Foundation educates middle and high school students in philanthropy. It is inspiring that at the end of the program the students responsibly donate Foundation grant money to local nonprofit organizations. There is definitely a need in MetroWest for the services nonprofits provide, and youth understand that. However, this program helps to improve that understanding and expand our perspective of the world around us.

As my internship is reaching its end, I have nothing but undivided admiration for the Foundation staff, Board of Trustees, and everyone who has taken part in the positive change the Foundation makes in MetroWest everyday. They have taught me countless valuable lessons on giving, working in a professional environment, and the economic and social climates of my community. Although I won't be working in the office anymore, I will absolutely be carrying and embodying the spirit of the Foundation in my future travels, and I hope to cross paths with them some day soon.

If you or someone you know would like be involved in our middle or high school Youth in Philanthropy program, we are now accepting applications for the fall.