This year, give a gift to MetroWest

We are open through the end of December to help with your charitable giving needs

We will be open and ready to assist with your charitable giving questions and inquiries through the end of 2016, and into the New Year. We will be closed December 26, 2016, and January 2, 2017. If you need some giving guidance as 2016 concludes, review our charitable checklist to see how and what you can give.

Charitable Checklist

Giving to the Foundation can be as simple as writing a check—but there are also more ways to give, with associated tax benefits. We’ve created this charitable checklist to make sure you know all of your options for giving.

  • Set up a donor-advised fund: Get a tax deduction now and recommend distributions to charities when you are ready— especially useful when you have a highly taxable event. A donor-advised fund is a great way to simplify your charitable giving. 
  • Give forever to the things you care about most: Have you been a longtime annual donor to a particular organization or cause? You can create an endowment at the Foundation for MetroWest to benefit the organizations or the cause you are passionate about. This ensures that the organization will continue to receive your annual gift in perpetuity. 
  • Give appreciated stock: If you have held stock for more than one year that has increased in value you can donate that stock to the Foundation and receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value on the date of your gift. 
  • Give your IRA – tax free: Your IRA is the most expensive asset in your estate, taxed both as a part of your estate and as ordinary income when withdrawals are made by heirs. Enjoy your IRA’s income while alive and name the Foundation as the ultimate beneficiary, and choose other, less tax-prone assets to leave to your heirs. 
  • Make a gift that pays you income for life: Are you charitably inclined but also interested in finding ways to supplement your annual income? You can make a gift to the Foundation now, receive a tax deduction, and in exchange receive a guaranteed lifetime income from us. Ask about the options for gifts that pay you income for life. 
  • Donate real estate: A home or vacation property you no longer need can be donated to the Foundation to create a charitable trust. The trust will provide lifelong income for you and/or loved ones, with the remainder going to a charitable fund at the Foundation to support the charitable purpose of your choice. 
  • Transfer a business — tax favored: Are you considering selling a closely-held business? You can transfer ownership of all or a portion to a charitable fund at the Foundation, avoiding capital gains taxation on the transfer. Some gift arrangements can also provide you supplemental income. 
  • Give life insurance: Do you own life insurance policies that you no longer need? You can transfer ownership of a policy to the Foundation, to use for the charitable purpose of your choice. Or you can open a new policy owned by the Foundation, and make a tax-deductible annual gift to cover the cost of the premium. Either option can result in a significant gift to charity. 
  • Leave a gift in your will: The simplest way to make a significant gift while reserving your assets for your own needs during your lifetime is to name the Foundation for MetroWest in your will or as a beneficiary of a financial account. We are here to make certain your charitable wishes will be carried out now and into the future.